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  Capacity-Building > Tools
  Aboriginal Network Newsletter (Statistics Canada Western Region, Winter 2006)
  Includes some pointers on how to find Aboriginal data from Statistics Canada.
  Aboriginal Funding Tool
  This tool allows you to search for funding sources according to a number of different terms.

The Community Development Handbook (Human Resources Development Canada 1999)

  Tools for building capacity in the new rural economy (The New Rural Economy Project)
  Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators (Sustainable Measures website)
  First Nations' Stories: Building Sustainable Communities in British Columbia
  Capacity Assessment for First Nations: A Guidebook, Survey Instrument, and Model Resource Plan (BC Treaty Commission)
  This tool was developed to assist First Nations in assessing their existing capacities and in determining where capacity should be increased.
  Forestry toolbox (First Nations Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute)
  This toolbox is not available on-line, but may be obtained in a large binder or CD format by requesting it from the Institute. It is available in both French and English. Some of the material is specific to Québec, but most of it is relevant for any Aboriginal organization that needs to increase its capacity for dealing with forest issues. Click here to look at the table of contents.
  Building capacity for sound public works in First Nations communities: A planning handbook (Institute on Governance and INAC 2004)
  While this publication is not focused on forest management, many of the techniques and ideas are transferable.