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  Traditional Knowledge > Websites
  Aboriginal Canada Portal - Elders and Traditional Knowledge
  Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Convention on Biological Diversity - Article 8(j)

  Article 8(j) is one of the key directions regarding traditional knowledge in the CBD. A large amount of work at the international level has gone into attempting to implement the article.
  Forests and Oceans for the Future
  “This website reflects the Forests and Oceans for the Future ecological knowledge research project. This research project aims to demonstrate, through extensive research into local ecological knowledge held by the Gitxaala people, how local systems of governance and resource management can be more effectively integrated with the models and approaches of Euro-Canadian science. Related to CURA's educational stream is the public education materials provided within this website. The resources material in this package include curriculum material designed for the use in the Province of BC's K-12 education system. Of interest may be Unit 1: Two Ways of Knowing, Traditional Ecological Knowledge Meets Western Science and Unit 2: Traditional Plant Knowledge of the Tsimshian.” (annotation from Raby et al. 2004)

Forest Stewardship Council of Canada

  The FSC has developed standards for sustainable forest management for most of the forested regions of Canada. These standards include those addressing the use of traditional knowledge under Principle #3, "Indigenous Peoples' Rights"
  Indigenous Peoples' Restoration Network (Society for Ecological Restoration)
  Indigenous Peoples' Council on Biocolonialism
  Indigenous Peoples' Restoration Network
  Protocols Project of the Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training

Register of Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge (UNESCO)

  A small portion of the entries in this database are specifically related to forest management.
  Rekindling Traditions Cross-Cultural Science & Technology Units (CCSTU) Project (University of Saskatchewan)
  Ndoho Istchee Integration Project (Waswanipi Cree Model Forest)
  Resources on Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property (Wyoming State Library)
  Traditional Use Studies Webpage (Province of Alberta)
  Includes guidelines, reports, policy information, and more.
  Canadian Cultural Observatory - Aboriginal Peoples section
  "The Canadian Cultural Observatory is an information service for all who are interested in Canada’s cultural development. The Observatory is funded in part by the Canadian Culture Online Strategy and is a collaborative initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage. The Observatory supports cultural development in Canada by:
  • Informing the cultural policy and research community;
  • Encouraging evidence-based policy analysis and planning;
  • Stimulating community debate and improved knowledge exchange" (from the website)

This website includes a sizable collection of reports and links, with a focus on traditional Aboriginal culture.