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  About the Forest Home Website
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Updates to the Forest Home website have been suspended for the time being.

It is intended to be updated on a regular basis, with new content flagged on a special page. With your feedback and suggestions, the website will keep getting better and more useful.

  What it is

The Forest Home website is a collective effort by members of Canada's forest community to provide tools, news, and information about Aboriginal rights and participation in the forest sector. The focus of the website is Canada, but we also provide information and links to international organizations and trends.

Much of the information here will be of interest to a general audience; however, we mainly strive to provide materials that will help those working in the field of Aboriginal forestry to do their jobs better.

The project to develop and maintain the Forest Home website arose out of efforts to implement the 2003-2008 National Forest Strategy (NFS) of Canada. Theme 3 of the NFS is "Rights and Participation of Aboriginal Peoples", and as designated Champion of Theme 3 the National Aboriginal Forestry Association (NAFA) convened a team of diverse parties to implement the action items identified under the theme. One of the projects that the team initiated in this role is the Forest Home website.

NAFA and partners do not necessarily endorse organizations or information accessed through this website. Our intention is to provide a broad range of viewpoints, highlighting the perspectives of Aboriginal peoples without excluding others.

  Who we are

The National Aboriginal Forestry Association (NAFA) was established to promote sustainable forestry as a necessary condition for Aboriginal economic development, the repair of environmental degradation, and the restoration of cultural and community spiritual health for Aboriginal people across the country. NAFA is the host and administrator of the Forest Home website.

Team 3 of the NFS Coalition is a diverse team of parties interested in addressing the rights and participation of Aboriginal peoples in the forest sector of Canada, including Aboriginal organizations, community members, federal and provincial governments, forest companies, and non-governmental organizations. Team 3 has taken as its framework the action items of Theme 3 of the NFS. The Team tracks and reports on activities and events relative to the action items, and it develops joint projects to promote progress.

Funding to develop and maintain this website has come from:

National Aboriginal Forestry Association




  Help us to build this website
  If you have any suggestions for improving the design or adding to the content of the Forest Home website, please contact us at nafa@web.ca. Tell us what's useful, what's not, and what's missing - your feedback will be gratefully received.
  Contact us

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the Forest Home website, please contact the National Aboriginal Forestry Association:








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