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  News > Releases and Articles

Updates to the Forest Home website have been suspended for the time being.

Some pieces linked here do not refer specifically to issues in Aboriginal forestry. These are included because they describe key pieces of the political and economic context within which Aboriginal forestry is developing.

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  July 2007
  July 13 - Canada's New Government invests in partnerships between Industry and Aboriginal People
  July 7 - Canada's New Government Proposed Forest Communities Program Sites (Backgrounder)
  July 7 - Canada's New Government Helping Forest Communities Build Stable Economies
  July 7 - CEMA Releases Letter from Govt of Alberta Regarding Aboriginal Communications
  July 6 - Canada's New Government to Fund Mountain Pine Beetle Impact Projects
  July 6 - Province (BC) and In-shuck-ch Reach Land-Use Agreement
  July 3 - MNC Offers Support to Metis Nation of Alberta on Metis Harvesting
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  June 2007
  June 12 - MNC President applauds Ontario Métis Court victory on Harvesting Rights
  June 12 - MNO Harvesting Agreement Legally Binding on Government of Ontario
  June 12 - First Nations Leadership Council (BC) Welcomes Independent Body on Specific Claims
  June 12 - National Chief Phil Fontaine Applauds today's Annoucement by PM to Resolve Backlog of Specific Land Claims
  June 12 - PM Harper announces major reform to address the backlog of Aboriginal treaty claims
  June 8 - Minister Lunn Announces $39.8 Million for Next Phase of Mountain Pine Beetle Response
  June 5 - Forest Ministers Release Discussion Paper on Canada's Forest Strategy
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  May 2007
  May 24 - B.C. launches radical forest-sector overhaul
  May 21 - India Works to Shield Traditional Knowledge from Modern Copyrights
  May 21 - 'Historic' land-claim shakeup in the works
  May 20 - Declaration on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Genetic Resources and Indigenous Knowledge (International)
  May 14 - Opening two-week session, UN indigenous forum tackles land, resource issues
  May 3 - New Relationship Trust announces inaugural strategic plan; New board steps in to take the helm (BC)

April 2007

  April 28 - UN adopts new International Agreement to protect world’s forests
  April 27 - Deh Cho Land Use Plan Survives Major Blow: Norwegian
  April 27 - Lheidli T’enneh Final Agreement - Reflections on a missed opportunity (BC)
  April 23 - Major Groups Call on Governments for Urgent Action  (International)
  April 23 - Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Land Management Survey Results (Ontario)

April 20 - Ministry of Environment will hold workshops with First Nations (BC)

  April 20 - Scientist who penned recent study on forests and global warming concerned over mischaracterization of his findings
  April 19 - Canada has broken softwood lumber deal, U.S. claims
  April 18 - Ontario Government And Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Chiefs create new political forum
  April 17 - Resource agreements build certainty in the Northeast (BC)
  April 13 - Sharing the forests (BC)
  April 11 - Land sale concerns local tribal council (BC)
  April 11 - Just who needs treaties?
  April 4 - Environmental groups back Dehcho land-use plan
  April 4 - Landmark Government-to-Government accord on east side of Lake Winnipeg signed between Province of Manitoba and First Nations
  April 3 - Upper Similkameen Indian Band secures woodlot (BC)
  April 3 - Ever-richer treaty deal rejected by small Prince George band
  March 2007
  March 20 - Budget day a 'black day' for First Nations
  March 19 - 2007 Federal Budget - Programs for Aboriginal Canadians
  March 16 - Court upholds traditional native beliefs in ski decision (USA)
  March 15 - First Nations log jam
  March 12 - Dissident faction now blocking Highway 117 direct result of interference by the Department of Indian Affairs alleges Barriere Lake Elder (QC)
  March 12 - Quebec highway blocked by aboriginal group seeking share of forest sector
  March 5 - Forestry blueprint officially approved (Yukon)
  February 2007
  February 27 - Clayoquot forest protection plan not enforceable, officials discover (BC)
  February 26 - Future of forestry communities unclear
  February 23 - Indigenous Activists Kick off 3,000 Mile Journey to Evict Weyerhaeuser from Their Land
  February 18 - Canada's New Government announces $2.46 million in First Nations economic development investments in northern Ontario
  February 16 - Speaking notes for The Honourable Jim Prentice for presentation at a Signing Ceremony Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement-in-Principle
  February 14 - First Nations leaders reflect on land-use plan
  An article regarding the one-year-old land use planning agreements on the Central and North Coasts of BC.
  February 14 - Minister introduces Management Plan for Territorial Park in Sahtu (NWT)
  February 14 - Anishinabek, Canada Sign Governance Agreement-in-Principle
  February 13 - N.B. has "too many jobs, not enough people"; To chart new economic path, province must 'increase exports, shift funding from fishery, forestry jobs
  February 13 - Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples report calls on federal government to remove decade old cap on First Nations post-secondary funding
  February 13 - Forget the trees. This is really about land. (BC)
  February 6 - Nuxalk Nation gains community forest agreement (BC)
  February 6 - Aboriginal Forest group says BC report is beginning of dialogue
  February 5 - Ontario Invests In Aboriginal Community Development
  February 2 - Manitoba Provides $130,000 To Help Secure UNESCO World Heritage Site
  February 2 - Forest professionals say closing of BCIT's programs puts BC's forests at risk
  January 2007
  January 30 - Abitibi and Bowater to merge
  January 29 - B.C. Signs Land Use Agreements With Two First Nations
  January 25 - The Aboriginal labour force in Western Canada
  No date - BC treaty monster grows 3 heads
  January 25 - Beetle money available (BC)
  January 24 - Appeal Court Overturns Conviction of Métis Harvester (Alberta)
  January 23 - Alberta govt deal that allows Metis to hunt without licences not enforceable
  January 22 - Future of Dehcho plan lies in limbo
  January 22 - Funding will save rainforest and jobs, activist says (BC)
  January 21 - Groundbreaking Great Bear Rainforest Agreement Secures $120 million (BC)
  January 19 - BC's coastal forest industry urged to adapt
  January 19 - Forest industry needs to rethink hiring practices, analyst says
  January 19 - Forestry huge boost for region (AB)
  January 18 - Groups slam Ontario for poor oversight of public forests
  January 17 - Not there yet: The B.C. Liberals' much-touted 'new relationship' with first nations is falling short in forestry deals
  January 17 - Day of reckoning coming for foresters - Pine beetle fallout (BC)
  January 17 - Youth urged to consider forestry: Backbone of B.C. is thriving, truck loggers say
  January 16 - Oilpatch plunders forestry workforce: Log haulers, mills desperate for workers (Alberta)
  January 15 - Québec dans la mire des forestières
  Regarding the impact of compensation claims by the Montagnais community of Betsiamites on the forest industry of the region.
  January 13 - Forest renewal plan could yield big bucks for Haida (BC)
  January 12 - Reserve has a good plan (Whitefeather Forest Initiative, ON)
  January 9 - Barriere Lake Algonquins want logging stopped in dispute with Ottawa, Quebec
  January 6 - Listening to the North (traditional knowledge and climate change impacts)
  January 5 - Tembec gets FSC certification in East Kootenay (BC)
  January 5 - Hope behind headlines
  January 4 - BCIT launches new forestry programs
  January 3 - Hunting rights renewed (BC)
  January 2 - Report attempts to calm emotional log export debate (BC)
  December 2006
  December 28 - Samson Cree ask Supreme Court to rule on royalties suit (Alberta)
  December 26 - Can the forestry industry be saved?; Economy 'Perfect storm' is brewing as trade and market forces batter our mills
  December 22 - Million-dollar agreement signed (BC)
  December 22 - Landmark ruling by high court affirms Tsartlip Treaty Rights
  December 19 - Metis logging group calls off protest (ON)
  December 18 - Ruling could help Manitoba First Nations (Sappier & Gray case)
  December 18 - Report Shows Aboriginal Students Making Progress (BC)
  December 16 - Meadow Lake mill sold: Agreement will see mill continue production for at least five years (SK)
  December 15 - B.C. pact meets needs of both natives and economy
  December 14 - Provincial Crown land transferred to Canada for Sapotaweyak Cree Nation  (MB)
  December 14 - Assembly of First Nations, Native Women’s Association of Canada call for full consultation before the repeal of Section 67 of Canadian Human Rights Act
  December 14 - Canada's New Government introduces legislation to strengthen human rights protection for Aboriginal Canadians
  December 14 - Adams Lake secures access to Crown timber (BC)
  December 13 - Gitxsan buy licence (BC)
  December 13 - Canada's New Government to modernize the Fisheries Act
  December 13 - Log export review available online (BC)
  December 11 - Mestickoo Eeliloowuk proposal to Forest Communities Program (ON)
  December 11 - Quebec reduces timber harvest
  December 9 - Island treaty worth up to $500 million (BC)
  December 8 - Natives cheer logging decision, province prepares to negotiate (NB)
  December 8 - Aboriginal woodcutters win top court's backing: Have right to take lumber for homes, furniture
  December 7 - Delta First Nations treaty worth $120M (BC)
  December 7 - Top court upholds aboriginal logging rights on Crown land
  December 6 - Two tentative treaties trickle into view just in time for the holidays
  December 5 - An Insult to Aboriginal People: A Critique of the Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities
  December 5 - Métis Nation of Ontario Opposed to Protest Action by Loggers in Sault Ste. Marie
  December 4 - Finally, a way to get a grip on consultations: Appointment of officer to oversee aboriginal interests breaks a logjam
  November 2006
  November 30 - $1.6 million boost from the Province for First Nations training opportunities
  November 30 - First Nations Leadership Council Information Bulletin Vol. 1 Issue 10
  Includes news of the new First Nations Forestry Council.
  November 29 - Energy costs killing forestry (Ontario)
  November 29 - Treaties with first nations come at a price, but success will be worth it
  November 28 - Treaty Commission Annual Report 2006: Six perspectives on treaty making
  November 28 - Skeetchestn Indian Band helps harvest beetle wood (BC)
  November 28 - "Don't compromise"
  November 27 - Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Lands and Resources Newsletter
  November 25 - Years in court, $30 million and a land claim drags on (BC)
  November 24 - Manitoba government gives $20 million to native economic development fund
  November 24 - Province reveals Upper Kennedy logging plans (BC)
  November 23 - Canada's New Government Supports More Choice in Education for First Nations in British Columbia
  November 23 - Métis National Council Chips Away at Federal Government's "Wooden Heart and Wooden Smile" over Kelowna Accord
  November 22 - Native group to give Ottawa failing grade for treaties
  November 20 - Communautés atikamekw d'Opitciwan, de Manawan et de Wemotaci - Les Ministres Corbeil et Kelley Annoncent le Renouvellement de Conventions d'Amenagement Forestier (QC)
  November 17 - Renewing native rights (New Brunswick)
  November 16 - Province discusses issues with First Nations leaders (New Brunswick)
  November 14 - Natural resources at the crossroads (Nova Scotia)
  November 8 - What about the water?
  November 3 - McGuinty rejects claim that pre-1867 land claims are not a federal responsibility
  November 2 - Government Takes Next Step in Developing Labrador’s Forest Industry
  October 2006
  October 30 - Treaty creates 'certainty, economic opportunity': Large questions remain over rights issues
  October 29 - Lheidli T'enneh deal set
  October 26 - Quebec's grand chief of First Nations wants a bigger cut of natural resource wealth
  October 25 - Kelowna motion passes in House of Commons
  October 23 - Yukon First Nation asks Ottawa for money, not land
  October 19 - Alberta to focus on Aboriginal education in Washington meetings
  October 18 - Public consultations launch forest industry review (NL)
  October 18 - First Nations receive funding for pine beetle response (BC)
  October 18 - Lheidli T'enneh secures access to beetle wood (BC)
  October 18 - Native band hopes documents prove its ownership of land (BC)
  October 17 - The 'Softwood Sellout Agreement' is not the final word
  October 13 - Canadians OK plan to create vast national park
  October 13 - Mi'kmaq loses another legal battle
  October 13 - Local focus best for forestry
  October 12 - Domtar closing four mills, laying off 950 workers
  October 12 - Forestry crisis rooted in politics
  October 11 - Land use plan possible in 2007, says Council of the Haida Nation Vice-President (BC)
  October 11 - Foundering forest sector hit again with Abitibi layoffs
  October 10 - Internal dispute imperils historic Nisga'a treaty
  October 6 - Calvert raises question of Weyerhaeuser's timber rights (Saskatchewan)
  October 6 - The good and bad of the Canadian paper market
  October 5 - Forestry task force report presented (Saskatchewan)

October 4 - Forest industry being beaten to a pulp (Saskatchewan - includes material on Meadow Lake Tribal Council's interests)

  October 4 - Tembec closing three Quebec mills, affecting 435 workers
  October 4 - Weyerhaeuser to mothball two more Saskatchewan mills
  October 3 - MacDonald says framework for Mi'kmaq meetings will be ready early in new year
  October 2 - Gitxaala ink management, planning pacts with Government (BC)
  October 2 - Beetles are coming (Manitoba)
  October 1 - Surprise! Environmentalists and the government don't see eye to eye on how to revamp Nova Scotia's forestry policy
  September 2006
  September 30 - Softwood agreement postponed: U.S. producers holler foul
  September 29 - Native-green schisms on the rise
  September 29 - Natives must map own fate: Elijah Harper
  September 29 - Stora Enso's Resumption Congratulated (Nova Scotia)
  September 28 - Accommodation agreements get around resource issue
  September 27 - Three First Nations treaties nearly finalzed
  September 27 - FPAC and CBI issue joint statement regarding boreal forest conservation
  September 27 - Aboriginal support of oil sands fracturing over water
  September 23 - Native title ruling boosts confidence over Adelaide claim (Australia)
  September 22 - Farm fans pitted against treaty (BC)
  September 21 - Nak'azdli secure $4 million forestry agreement
  September 21 - Kitasoo First Nation not endangering Spirit Bear (BC)
  September 17 - Sordid softwood story offers hard trade lessons
  September 15 - Hundreds leave homes in Northern Ontario as fires burn
  September 15 - Long-term forestry agreement aids tourism activities (BC)
  September 15 - BC fails to protect caribou, report charges
  September 14 - New NDP commission targets Aboriginal issues
  September 14 - Life after pine beetles planned (BC)
  September 13 - World Resources Institute Releases Comprehensive Maps That Provide Key Tools to Manage Northern Forest Frontier
  September 13 - Beetle plan guides forests, communities into the future (BC)
  September 13 - Canadian lumber deal holdouts face special tax
  September 12 - Softwood deal . . . finally
  September 9 - Canoe a key to Mi'kmaq cultural revival
  September 9 - Stora Enso debacle: a failure of forest policy? (NS)
  September 8 - Government to transfer land to the federal government for reserve creation at Sheshatshiu   (NL)
  September 8 - Liberals start skating to avoid entanglements over Tsawwassen treaty
  September 8 - Canoe Creek and Canim Lake secure Crown timber (BC)
  September 7 - Eco-system pilot tried on Port Neville band (BC)
  September 7 - Métis claims in Maritimes leap by thousands
  September 6 - Caribou health monitoring program for 2006 (NL)
  September 6 - Final Consultation Document on Proposed Species at Risk Legislation (NWT)
  September 6 - Companies, Government and First Nations coming together to discuss The New Relationship initiative between First Nations and the Province
  September 5 - Tsleil-Waututh Nation and BC Parks celebrate co-management milestone
  September 4 - Priorities identified for First Nations' trust fund (BC)
  August 2006
  August 30 - Welcome figures goes up on seawall as a sign of ownership (Vancouver)
  August 30 - Natives want lumber for houses (ON)
  August 25 - Northern Yukon First Nations and Yukon Government coordinate economic development
  August 24 - Urban First Nations question the New Relationship fund (BC)
  August 23 - Cooperation between provinces for the benefit of citizens (ON and QC)
  August 23 - Clearing up land claim backlog major priority, says Prentice
  August 23 - Domtar and Weyerhaeuser unveil $3.3B US merger
  August 22 - Statement by the Prime Minister on the softwood lumber agreement
  August 18 - Tlowitsis lead ecosystem-based management trial
  August 18 - Le gouvernement du Quebec supporte l'industrie forestiere
  August 17 - You call this an economic boom?
  August 14 - New Relationship Trust Seeks Feedback From First Nations Community
  August 11 - Province to issue long-term community forest agreement (BC)
  August 10 - Huge backlog of land claims to be attacked
  August 9 - CHN negotiating to buy tree farm license (BC)

August 9 - Statement by the Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians on the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

  August 9 - Eco-logging deal in the works for Clayoquot Sound
  August 8 - Band finds it's not alone in fight for wilderness
  August 4 - Deal a long time coming (BC)
  August 3 - Agreement recognizes Gitanyow, helps boost Northwest
  August 3 - First Nation Environmentalists say NO to logging in Clayoquot Sound . . .  Again
  August 2 - Lots of questions at Queen Charlotte protocol meeting
  August 2 - Prince George treaty a $65 million deal
  August 2 - Parts of Clayoquot Sound reopen to logging
  August 2 - Campbell gets some tentative payoff for his pitch on First Nations
  August 1 - Chief negotiators reach agreement on final treaty (BC)
  August 1 - Clayoquot Sound not saved
  August 1 - Judge rules for native band (ON)
  August 1 - McLeod Lake Band secures Crown timber access (B.C.)
  July 2006
  July 27 - Challenging Times For Global Forest, Paper and Packaging Industry
  July 27 - First Nation signs first Mining Consultation Agreement (B.C.)
  July 23 - The lesson of Kitkatla (B.C.)
  July 19 - B.C.'s aboriginal report card
  July 18 - Huu-ay-aht up ante in treaty talks (B.C.)
  July 17 - New program to help First Nations youth enter agriculture (SK)
  July 16 - Premier signs forestry agreement with KIB (B.C.)
  July 14 - Kamloops Indian Band signs beetle agreement
  July 11 - Little Shuswap assists with beetle battle
  July 10 - McGuinty government increasing opportunities for skills training in the North
  July 10 - Pork chops and chicken wings forever?
  July 7 - International supporters converge to end clear-cut logging in Grassy Narrows
  July 6 - Canada's about face on Aboriginal rights concerns leaders
  July 5 - U.N. Human Rights Council adopts Declaration on Indigenous Rights
  July 2006 - Larose Forest achieves Forest Stewardship Council certification (Ontario)
  June 2006
  June 30 - Canada votes against native rights at UN
  June 29 - UN overrides Canada over native rights
  June 29 - UN votes for native peoples' rights, powers oppose
  June 29 - Human Rights Council adopts texts for protection from enforced disappearance, rights of Indigenous Peoples
  June 28 - Nipawin pulls community together on Aboriginal employment development (SK)
  June 27 - Ontario-First Nations Chiefs Meet At Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug First Nation
  June 27 - Whitefeather community-based land strategy released
  June 27 - Ontario-First Nations Chiefs Meet At Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug First Nation
  June 27 - We just need more time (Hon. Jim Prentice)
  June 27 - Court overturns Métis hunting rights in Okanagan Nation Territory

June 23 - Ayateway Declaration (Indigenous Peoples Youth Caucus, World Urban Forum III)

  June 16 - Kelowna deal on life support
  June 14 - Premier Williams invites fellow Premiers and National Aboriginal Leaders to meet in Corner Brook
  June 7 - Crafty Liberals crafted rules early to cover land use and treaty talks
  June 5 - Sacrificing farmland for a treaty will be for the greater good
  June 4 - Ground-breaking deal signed Kwantlen First Nation excited about future of Forests and Range agreement
  June 3 - Agreement provides certainty for resource development (BC)
  June 3 - Kwantlen First Nation takes possession of forest land
  June 3 - Land claims versus agriculture reserve hamper native treaty
  May 2006
  May 31 - Kelowna Accord down, but not out
  May 31 - Kwantlen sign first new Forest and Range Agreement (BC)
  May 31 - PM faces fight over native deal
  May 29 - Ottawa urged to adhere to Kelowna deal
  May 26 - Agreement supports treaty certainty for Clayoquot Sound
  May 26 - Jurisdiction the obstacle that could derail treaty process
  May 25 - First Nations bands threaten blockade of Bear Mountain
  May 25 - Law to shield cultural sites lacks teeth, natives say
  May 24 - Sacred cave faces a modern threat
  May 24 - Native leader challenges government social record
  May 23 - First Nations must be involved early on
  May 23 - Preparing forest, range resources for climate change
  May 22 - Ottawa looks to change Indian Act
  May 19 - UN Committee on economic, social, and cultural rights concludes 36th session
  May 19 - BC First Nations Leadership Council welcomes Private Members Bill to implement the Kelowna Accord
  May 17 - Natives to have a big say in how park is run
  May 12 - Metis, gov't sign "historic" accord
  May 12 - Logging protesters defy threat
  May 11 - Halalt First Nation agreement establishes woodlot
  May 10 - Province gets pledge on Kelowna deal
  May 10 - Local First Nations frustrated with BC's New Relationship
  May 8 - B.C. working towards a lasting land use plan on Queen Charlotte Islands
  May 8 - Private sector and aboriginal community meet to resolve BC's skilled worker shortage
  May 8 - New York is the indigenous capital of the world
  May 5 - Campbell "blisters" federal Conservatives to applause all around
  April 2006
  April 11 - Sliammon First Nation takes step towards final treaty
  April 10 - Ontario First Nations to see more benefits from trapping
  April 9 - The Superior Court of Quebec declares the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act violates Cree rights under the JBNQA
  April 6 - First Nations announce review process for Gateway Pipeline Project
  April 3 - Metis in land lawsuit claim they were robbed
  April 3 - Metis lands - Metis rights - History on trial
  March 2006
  March 21 - $100 million enables First Nations to build capacity
  March 6 - Lhoosc'uz Dene sign timber access agreement
  March 6 - Red Bluff band secures access to Crown timber